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ASC Earth Nation

Introduces Equality Keys; A Cryptocurrency Empowering a Planetary Shift

Learn more about the Global Economic Solution

Introducing Equality Keys, a cryptocurrency made by the People of Planet Earth for the benefit of everyone. Keys are minted and issued to sustainable ecovillages, ethical cooperative businesses and humanitarian organizations that are revolutionizing how we engage with each other and our planet.

We invite you to learn more about how this economic movement is the foundation of a planetary revolutionary shift from non-consensual governance to a fully supportive world that unconditionally provides for all of us.

The Team Embodying the Movement

Among our core team are leading representatives from many of the most influential humanitarian change-making organizations in the western hemisphere of Planet Earth.

Including Ubuntu, Collective Evolution, Conscious Media Coalition, One Community Global, the ASC, ToAS, Guardian Alliance, Bitnation, Passion Planet, United Earth, Noomap, Synergy Hub, Terra Frutis, Portal to the New Earth, Peace Love Unity, Coeo, Group up, Reinhabiting the Village, Source Network, Circle of Children, Atlan, Lucidity Festival, Lucid University, Beloved Festival, Ceptr, Village Lab, Self Growth and many more.

Dakota Kaiser

Center Coordinator

In Eternal Alignment with Infinite Unconditional Presence.
Founder of the Awakening Sovereignty Collective, the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty, the Sovereign Technology Acquisition and Development Agency, and the Permaculture Action Guild.

Dr. Starr MacKinnon


Ubuntu Ambassador, Luminary, Researcher, Healer, Licensed Psychologist. Founder of Ubuntu Planet USA and Flourish.

Bret Warshawsky


Doing what I love to do, what I'm good at & little else. Representative of S7/Noomap, United Earth, Synergy Hub Network.

Justin Booth


The nexus for finding and/or deploying ideas, projects, anything that motivates me.
Representative of Collective Evolution, NCE Energy, Emerald Islands and founder of the Conscious Media Coalition.

Lila Star

Center Coordinator

New Earth catalyst & guide, community harmonizer, temple priestess, ascension facilitator, lover. Creator of the Starseed Academy, Lovepreneur World, The Divine Playground, author and ambassador of Reinhabiting the Village.

Adam Apollo

Designer, Ambassador

Faculty of the Guardian Alliance, Architect & Faculty of the Resonance Academy. Learn more about Adam Apollo.

Jae Sabol

Ambassador, Consultant

One Community – Executive Director.

Kelly Kingston

Coordinator, Investor

I help mankind to build the bridge from the old earth to the new. Founder of One Purse One Planet

Keegan Meade


I am a Changel playing various roles to co-create heaven on Earth.
Representative of Blooming Biodiversity.

Michal Stefanow

Ambassador, Technician, Investor

Shapeshifter transgressing hyperdimensional multiverse – Epic web developer –
Founder of the ASTRALHIP chapel.

Yan Golding


Silo-buster. transformational firestarter. planetary transition strategist. meta-networker. galactivation trickster. peace fool.
Founder of United Earth.

Destiny Fae


Author – Oracle – Unity Ambassador – Pixie Queen – New Earth Channel- Life Shift Catalyst
Founder of New Earth New You Now.

Joshua Faust


Author – Musician – Earth Yogi . New Paradigm Story. Healing and returning to the Garden.
Representative of Into the Mythica.

Raymond Powell

Programmer, Ambassador, Investor

New Earth Systems Architect.
Chief Architect of The Digital CoGovernance Web, Director of Digital Technology for The New Earth Collective

Christopher Birdz Van Putten


Helping healing, regenerating soil, protecting Water, channeling Music, learning and teaching.
Representative of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the ASC.



Elevating Lyricist. Vision Catalyst. Harmony Weaver. Pollinator. I support fulfilled living.
Founder of Intention Amplified.

Matthew Dowle

Technician, Amassador

Founder of Coeo – The Geosocial Network for Conscious Changemakers.

Robin Matthew Liepman (Bloom)


Earth Activist musician, Permaculture Leader, and New-Paradigm Pollinator!
Founder of Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture.

Jerry (Jai) T. Joseph


Purposeful Brand Builder and Explorer of the Esoteric.
Founder of The Metaphysical Adventure.

Faye Nulman


A human GPS aiding humanity as a Life Guide.
Founder of a A Kneaded Escape.

Nicky Wilks


Nature-based human development guide and catalyst for regenerative change. Founder of the Journeymen Institute.

Brandon Prince

Center Coordinator

Energy Healer, Massage Therapist, Intuitive Empath, Visionary, Inventor, Revolutionary Problem Solver. Ambassador of the ASC.

Jason Kvestad


Change shaker, visionary and solution pocketer. Fruit loving agrofruiterrarist.
Founder of Terra Frutis.

Mido AlHouseini


DJ – Producer – Reiki Grandmaster – Energy Healer – Construction – Sales – Marketing and Finance
Ambassador of ASC – Avians – Lyrans – Arcturians.

Tristan Roberts


Techno-nomadic decentralization advocate peace warrior
Representative of Bitnation.

Joel Dietz

Investor, Ambassador

Founder of Swarm and the Decentralized Autonomous Society.

Scott Bullock

Ambassador, Investor

Musician – Writer – Flow Artist – Cosmic Wanderer
Ambassador of the Guardian Alliance.

Taylor James Roth


I am a Jedi, like my Father before me. Ambassador of the Guardian Alliance. Personal Website.

Mark Jagersma


Selfless/Path walker ever since drawing first breath, Do not care about Ego(‘s)
Representative of the ASC.

Hailey Dawn Armstrong


Rainbow Queen, Play Professional.

Doron Kutash


Master Designer/Builder, New Earth – Consultant, Producer/Host, Shaman/Guide, Marketing, Social Media, Super-Networker. Founder of the Source Network.

Kyle Troy Bowles


Lightworker; jester; visionary/solutionary; aquarian age humanitarian; intrepid; pleiadian.
Ambassador of the Awakening Sovereignty Collective.

Join the Earth Nation

We invite you to become a member of the Earth Nation. Our members qualify for basic income, discounts on our products and services and access to our events and communities.

Please check your email for a response from us.