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Welcome Leaders!

If you an organizational leader, entrepreneur, prolific master creator, business owner, visionary, investor, or community leader, you have come to the right place. If you are a creator of an organization, project, or humanitarian offering that is in alignment with serving humanity, the planet, and mutual benefit for all, the Earth Nation is happy to receive your gifts, and support your mission. Thank you for your passion, dedication, and persistence. The days of power-over are being put to rest, as a masterful human population is rising to reclaim our human rights as Earth citizens.

We are weaving and attracting the best talent, leaders, and solutionary change agents into our Earth Nation collective. We recognize that our current systems are failing us, and that is us – We that are creating the new systems and structures for planetary and personal success. We remembered that we came for freedom and sovereignty, and that we would choose to work together in this powerful time to steer our EarthShip into our heart’s harmonious and peaceful knowing.

What do you need to thrive? And succeed in your mission? A larger audience, and network to experience your gifts? Resources to launch or expand your project? A support team, and space to launch your mission, specific mentorship or consultants? Freelancers for business expansion and branding?

The Earth Nation Keys collective is powerfully seeded and growing stronger everyday with leaders from the world’s most influential new paradigm movements, like Ubuntu, Guardian Alliance, Collective Evolution, COEO, and One Community Global. We also are building a powerhouse directory of the best freelancers, business owners, and community developer solutionary change agents of our time.

How can you play with Earth Nation as a leader?

Are you called to co-captain this DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), and contribute your genius to a system that serves to align and match our needs and offerings for highest success. Some of you are choosing – in alignment with your purpose – to lead the front lines of the Earth Nation. You feel the call to be part of our core team, working consistently, passionately, and purposefully towards ensuring that the Keys succeed every step of the way. For your time talent, and service, you are awarded hourly Keys, that you can exchange in our directory to get all you need to thrive. You are also eligible to receive basic income for your work with the Earth Nation.

Our current teams are:

Technology: handling our front and back end web development

Sales: Receive 35% from Key sales you bring in towards your basic income

Marketing: Branding, writing, creating content, promoting

Ambassadors: Spreading the word! media campaign, automatic promotion

Academy: Creation of ASC training videos, Earth Guardian academy, Starseed Academy

Coordinators: those working daily in administrative support, answering key questions, and seeing that all systems are supported and running smooth, upleveling every step of the way.

Are you a  Leader of a world changing organization or project?

Others of you are solely focused on your own projects, networks, and dreams in action, and are ready to take the next step towards more impactful change. You may desire re-branding, or access to a bigger audience to receive your gifts, or to merge with other organizations, and find your most aligned co-creators to enact bigger success. We invite you to join the Keys collective and bring your heart’s passion project to our vote-holders. Accept Keys for your services, experience, events, products, or land stays, and submit a proposal to be a sponsored organization to receive Keys to get access to what you need to thrive, be it land, resources, expertise, and even funding.

Still birthing your gifts?

Others are just launching your genius, and need basic support systems to help you succeed like web development, SEO support, graphic design, and marketing. You too can be submit a proposal for sponsorship, and gain access to consultants, freelancers, and lands to make your dream a reality. A great way to get what you need is to serve on a core team as support staff, earn keys, and exchange them in our directory of services.

The ASC has much to offer Solutionary Leaders who choose to Unify:

-Viral Marketing Services. We direct the awareness of millions to our causes.

-Land Access. We steward over 5000 acres of land across North and South America.

-Resources. We have (limited and growing) access to investment capital for cooperative businesses and funding for humanitarian solutions.

-Project Management. We organize, implement and manage our teams to optimally facilitate our collective projects.

-Legal Infrastructure. We allow allied organizations to create auxiliary branches in our churches. All of our people are free from unjust taxation and prosecution.

-Skilled help. Our leading experts span into almost every industry. The most often requested experts are in Website Design, Programming, Construction, and Permaculture.

-General help. We have access to nearly unlimited amounts of “volunteer power”.

We collectively vote on which projects we choose to prioritize and sponsor.

To share your project(s) with the ASC, please become a voteholder.

To become a Voteholder:

Complete on of the following

1. Join and actively participate in a team. View the trello for details asc.ai/trello. Team members must play every 2 weeks or they lose access.

2. Share Access. 30 dollars a month minimum, or a lump sum of 1k or more. Or a property that we choose to use. Or a product/agency service

3. Get hired as a freelancer. Be available to work for keys 12 hours a month or more.

In our Facebook Vote-holders chat, you will submit a proposal using Loomio.

We ask that you answer the following questions when submitting a proposal for sponsorship:

The name, size, reach, value, abilities, and direction of the organization you represent.

Details on the Project(s) you would like to merge.

Explain why this benefits the ASC and the World. Use statistics if possible.

Explain exactly what you need from the ASC. Use precise measurements and the best estimates you have.

Explain what you will use the Keys for that you receive.

We prioritize regenerative projects. If your project will eventually operate independently without needing additional ASC resources, please share why and how that will happen.

Welcome organizational and project leaders! Collectively we thrive. Thank you for realizing your most fantastical dreams in collaboration and wayshowing for others in these shifting and exciting times.


by Teahna Kaiee 

Are you an Organizational Leader?  Do you have a calling to step into your power and ignite into the person you can be?  Has changing the world been a passion or endeavor of yours, or have you worked on projects to help humanity?  

Earth Nation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization run by the people for the people.  We want to support you in reaching your highest potential.  We want you to rise up and bring your unique gifts where they are valued.  We want your leadership skills and project management knowledge to help us create a world where we are all abundant, free, and living in authenticity and joy.  

We have so many opportunities for you to lead inside and outside this ever-expanding DAO.  We have a Center Coordinator team, an Ambassador team, a Technical team, a Marketing Team, a Content Creator team, a Writers Team, an Academy Team, and there will be much more to come.  All of our teams need leaders. When you join us you are not only helping yourself; you are helping the next individual, group, and community step into a life of sovereignty, one they've always dreamed of living.  

The best part is these are not volunteer positions. With our basic income program you get paid in cash and/or keys. You can be provided housing and food and be supported in multiple ways to create all that YOU want to create.  It's up to you to choose what you want to do to spread your joy, your voice, your gifts.  All we ask is that you do it!

We are the Earth Nation and we ARE creating a New Earth.  Wanna play?   

Leaders of the Earth Nation

by Gregory Manning

I am a member of The Earth Nation. We’re a collection of organizations which are working together to manifest the changes that our planet and society desperately need. Together, we are creating sustainable eco-villages around the world designed to take care of the people who live and work in them.

But who am I? There is a room in the house that I grew up in that is covered in ribbons, medals, and trophies from when I ran track. Looking back to the first day of practice, all I can remember is keeling over and throwing up, unable to even finish a three mile run. One has to ask themselves how this transformation happened. I didn’t just wake up and suddenly I was in better shape. It was through continuous hard work and dedication that I grew what I had, and it’s that same attitude and determination that I am rewarded for at The Earth Nation.

We need leaders: people who are willing to step up to the plate and take the reins into their own hands. We have over 50 million dollars of assets ready to be put to use, but we need brilliant self-starters like you to make your vision a reality. Come learn about us, what we have to offer, and our goals at our academy. Hop onto one of our teams to help out while learning more (and earning basic income), then create and submit your own proposal to take charge and be funded for your own ideas.

The sky’s the limit! We are revolutionizing the entire game: our cryptocurrency and decentralized network structure is designed to empower anyone with a vision and the ability to follow through and make that vision a reality. Personally, I’m turning my abilities as a juggler into a means of advertising while being part of the sales and writing teams. Juggling! Any solid plan you can think of to support our goals of making a more sustainable future will is on the table.

Together, we can accomplish everything we desire: a brighter future for humanity. Don’t let your ingenuity and leadership potential be wasted in a system not working towards our collective goals as a united species. Join our movement today and secure a better tomorrow for all of us!

Join the Earth Nation

We invite you to become a member of the Earth Nation. Our members qualify for basic income, discounts on our products and services and access to our events and communities.

Please check your email for a response from us.