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We are literally embodying planetary scale solutions for most of the problems facing humanity today. By creating ethical sustainable decentralized alternatives to every government and corporate product and service we are eliminating Poverty, War, Disease, Ignorance, PTSD, Emotional and Cognitive Dissonance.

Help us make a world that unconditionally provides for all of us.

Are you HAPPY? As we look around the world today, there seems to be more things creating fear than happiness. Not only are there deep concerns about the world’s financial stability, most people are concerned about their own financial stability… Financial Stability is a major issue for people and it colors every aspect of our lives…leaving no room for “fun”, joy, or freedom from stress.

When we listen to the news, it compounds the fear, and it has become evident that what we felt to be the solution, the way, the path to follow has let us down… IS THERE A SOLUTION??? Yes there is.

There is a way we can live more fully and enriched in all things, financial stability, stress-free and with time to enjoy LIFE… ASC is the template of the future…designed with the masses in mind… designed to bring the power and control back to the masses… We hear you, and we hear your skepticism…and that is what will make this work…hearing the needs, concerns and doubts of the people…working together to make a world that supports those concerns, supports the interest of the all…

We need you to make it happen…

JOYn the Earth Nation

By Keegan Meade

JOYn the Earth Nation!  The next world superpower is you (and Mother Nature).  We are seeking to support a population of global citizens to transition to a decentralized self-governing system of sovereign souls ready to take responsibility for stewarding our planet in a peaceful, healthy way.  The Earth Nation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with our own currency.

This means we share the power to make decisions equally amongst our people in the best way we know how:  online councils that presently take the form of a focused collection of Facebook Messenger chatrooms and slack.com.  We also hold regular video conferences and vote on loomio.org, where any of our members can put forth a proposal.   To become a vote holder, one must engage in our economy by obtaining some of our currency, “Equality Keys.”  More currency does NOT give you more voting power.  

Equality Keys are a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, stored and traded on the blockchain.  Blockchain technology is the future of the internet.  It allows for our information to be stored on the network of computers in our blockchain instead of on central servers, as has been the case.  This prevents the possibility of access to our information by the corporate owner of those servers.  Blockchain technology encrypts our information, so each human’s information is only accessible to its rightful owner with his/her password.  Encryption is what keeps your cryptocurrency safe.  The value of Equality Keys is skyrocketing with the rest of the cryptocurrency market as the corporate banker-controlled economy crashes down around us.  

The Earth Nation will trade in many cryptocurrencies that are being created by like-minded enterprises such as Earth Dollar, but Equality Keys are the ticket to voting with us.  The keys are backed by natural resources, precious metals, our goods, and services; however, the most important backing is the people in the Earth Nation because we decide collectively where the keys are distributed.  We are a culture founded on unconditional love and compassionate support for all life.

We are planetary healers mending the wounds caused by fear, separation, and scarcity in the human psyche.  Every one of us has a special medicine to offer in this “emergent-sea” evolutionary process of healing and transformation, and the winds of change are in our sails!  We are unifying ecovillages, conscious businesses, and any member of our human family who is ready to start believing, perceiving, and achieving in a new economy with the ethics of permaculture at its heart.  These are:  care for the Earth; care for the people; and share the fruits fairly.

We are intent on supporting all life, putting an end to the abuse of the world’s poor by the world’s rich, hence the name, Equality Keys.  The success of this movement depends on a fundamental shift in human consciousness regarding our relationship to our environment.  We must collectively choose to see value in the living ecosystem rather than only in what we can “extract” from it, and ultimately we must see the Earth we walk on as a master being to which we belong rather than something inert that we can divide into private properties.

This is a profound shift that will go hand in hand with a transcendent blossoming of the human spirit into the realm of trust!  The Earth Nation is stewarding over 5,000 acres of land trusts, homes for our global community entrusted to our collective with the guidance of their previous “owners,” places where we trust the spirit of the land to communicate to our observant hearts the righteous ways to create paradise for everyone.  Here’s to a thriving peaceful garden cultivated worldwide!  Thank you for reading.  Connect with us at https://asc.ai/

As Above, So Below

by Jon Caldwell

When I think about the Earth Nation, I wanted to figure out some words that describe the type of people that we are attracting into our collective. As I thought about most of the people i have met within our group, these words come to mind. As Above So Below.

The term, “As above, so below” states: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing.”

In the heavens above, the planet's energies are that which is “so below” on earth. We humans who live on the “so below” are made of these same heavenly energies of that which is “as above.” Hence, the microcosm is oneself, and the macrocosm is the universe. I think this describes our Tribe perfectly because we all realize that we are made up of heavenly energies and we all seem to be drawn to each other and feel comfort in the sense of coming together as One Unit working towards a common goal.

These truths are the basis of the human science of chemical energies of the “as above and so below” known as alchemy, and the science of an inner spiritual knowledge called gnosis, two ancient sciences that are some of the least understood by current humanity. This selfish ignorance of their pasts often leads to their early mortality, in which the evolution of their soul is simply not occurring.

Our goal with our lives is to evolve, not devolve. To rise above, not fall below. To love and be loved. Hence, those humans who do not know their pasts, simply never last. Those who live a lie always die, and those who live by truth never die.

Life is a journey in which we each take our own paths, and find our own truths. To find truth and happiness, we all need to play our own tune in accordance with each of our own chosen paths, spiritual gifts and worldly talents. Be still, withdraw from the world of illusions and just be yourself. In a sense, be happy with what the creator has given us. I feel like the Earth Nation is a place that people can do exactly that. Just be yourself and there is a place for your amazing talents that you possess. You can thrive in our community and truly be happy by doing what you love as long as it benefits the community.

If we all play our own tune with these spiritual gifts that we have been given, we can then begin to repair our damaged selves, and then be a light in the damaged dark world that we live in. Find that philosopher's stone that is within each one of us. In a sense, create heaven on earth.

That is what the goal is for us at www.asc.ai  Come play with us!

Be All That You Can Be

by Matthew J Ricketts

Be All You Can Be. Earth Nation.

You belong to one another. You belong to the Earth. We ALL do – all LIFE.

Each of us has talents and gifts.

The current system values very few of the gifts we have, and LIVE and LOVE to SHARE with others.

A vision to the future of Earth Nation:

Within the Earth Nation, we work a few hours a week doing what we CAN to help our local community, and a few hours doing what we LOVE for another Earth Nation member on another continent (or the next door neighbor). We simply list ourself and all the abilities, talents, areas of expertise, skills and knowledge we have to offer others. We have found a true way for all of us to “Be All You Can Be.” All people can do this and their needs are met and exceeded by the local, regional and Earth-wide communities.

Earth Nation NOW:

Individuals and organizations who are passionately convinced that we humans can do so much better for all of us by real-eyes-ing a few deeply seated truths, are aligning under the auspices of the “Earth Nation.”  By investing their time, their businesses, their lands, their precious metals in Earth Nation, and as backing for a crypto-currency, they can pivot humanity into equal value–Equality Keys. This is all so new, we have yet to finish our logos, and we are still rebranding! Yet, we are growing by leaps and bounds daily!

Wait ‘til you tell your grandchildren the stories of how YOU helped bring the Earth Nation into BEing, how the movement united like-minded people all over the Earth, and saved us from OURSELVES!

It is happening. Here. NOW. InJoy it with us…

Check it out at https://asc.ai

Yellow Resonant Human

by Keegan Meade

I am back in California after a quest to Oregon!  I stayed from the full moon until the new moon in that land, in a community called Circle of Children next to Triangle Lake.  It is the present headquarters of the Earth Nation, formerly called the Awakening Sovereignty Collective, originally called the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty.  We are an expanding group of solutionary change makers pioneering creative, regenerative enterprise in service to the well-being of all life through the use of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

All of our participants are acknowledged as COllaborative CO-leaders…COCO!  The idea is to let the organic sweetness and benevolence of our hearts guide us as we JOYn together to nurture a global culture of peace and plenty.  The acronym DAO is no coincidence. It shares the same pronunciation as the Tao of Lao Tzu’s famous philosophical way of life, the guiding hand of Mother Nature.  She is our leader, present in every cell of our bodies and eager to bring all of humanity back to Her endlessly flowing breast.

Many of our brothers and sisters in this one human family have ventured far from our Mother’s breast, thinking we could create our own milk of life and break free from Her embrace.  We cannot! There is no life but that which is nursed by Mother Nature.  In our thirst to be masters of our own destinies and answer to no Mother, we cut Her skin and drank Her blood!  We pierced to Her veins, to Her very heart, not hearing Her screams, for the black noise of our confused ambitions was louder.  Our own Mother!

But She is forgiving; She lives for giving, as do Her loyal children, we the ones who hear Her and choose to listen.  We are tuning into Her guidance, trusting it will lead us back to Her breast, where the milk of life flows freely to all!  Essentially our plan is to build ships to bring not only humanity but all life carefully back home to Her fountain of life.  I’m not talking about spaceships—although I am certain humanity will be flying around in some amazing technology as soon as we all follow our inner sense back to innocence.  I am talking about building relationships!

We each must start by creating the most loving, honest, trusting, balanced, giving, open, great-full, understanding, joyous, pure, healthy relationships with our Selves.  This is an endless task, but THANK GODNESS!!!!! It is the only one we have to do. Because we are all One.  Everyone.  Every snail and snowflake.  Every nation will transform and integrate fullness into gratefulness for our calm-unity.  We are the Earth Nation, in partnership with more and more related groups and individuals, all dreaming Her dream of peace.  Towards its fruition you can play, pay, and pray with us at https://asc.ai/

Why You and Everyone You Know Should Join the Earth Nation

by Daniel Rosenberg

As human beings we crave freedom. Regardless of age, class, ethnicity, or religious background this is one of the most fundamental aspects of the human spirit which animates us all.

Whether it’s a teenager rebelling against parentage, an activist challenging unjust laws, or even an executive working for that next promotion, we all inherently crave greater freedom. As individuals, we’re all unique in what we want to do with that freedom but regardless of what we want to do, we are consistent in that we want the freedom to do it!

Unfortunately, despite all the art, poetry, and rhetoric that identify liberty as among our highest ideals, it’s questionable that society in its current form offers much freedom at all.

After all, research suggest that 52.3% of Americans dislike their job, US suicide rates recently reached the highest rate in 30 years, and rates of depression seem to be rising throughout the world.

To say the least, these certainly don’t seem the hallmarks of a free society.

These figures aren’t particularly surprising given compounding issues of climate change, economic inequality, and government corruption. The problems and challenges of our society are perhaps greater than at any other time in history. Never before has the future of our species and the fate of our planet seemed so uncertain. To make matters worse, the problems before us are so massive as to render us seemingly powerless.

Of course, it would behoove us to acknowledge that our current society affords us greater freedom than any time before us. We have greater access to education, greater ability to communicate and organize on a wide-scale, and many of us benefit from a standard of living afforded only to the very wealthiest of people in the past. Not only that, but never before have common people had the ability to travel the world as we do now.

Yes, we must appreciate the many gifts of freedom modern society affords us. After all, it has taken over 10,000 years of human development for us to discover a way to organize ourselves in a way that allows us this much freedom. However, as human beings it is in our nature to aspire for greater freedom no matter the circumstance.

Thus, we must ask ourselves: is this the best we can do?

The apparent consensus evidenced by an explosion of protests and activism in recent years seems to be a resounding no.

Notwithstanding the vast benefits of our modern culture, people throughout the world are clear on one thing: we can do better. Human beings are infinitely creative, resourceful, and innovative. It is not in our nature to stagnantly accept the conditions around us. Rather, it is more like us to aspire to greater levels of liberation from whatever may limit us. This is the time for our species to reach the next level.

That is precisely what Earth Nation strives to do.

Earth Nation is organized around a simple, but powerful belief: that by creating conditions of full sovereignty and self-determination for individuals and communities, we will all find greater freedom, security, humanity, and joy.

As things currently stand, the vast majority of people are utterly dependent on vast, externalized systems and organizations to sustain our very life. We depend on big corporations for our food and our water, massive electric grids for power, and the gigantic apparatus of government, industry, and media for our needs of protection, education, and inspiration.

What if this were not the case?

What if we could meet all our needs–food, shelter, power, enjoyment, education, and healthcare–within our own communities? Gone would be the days of 40-hour workweek (at best) to pay the bills. Gone would be the days of ignorance regarding exactly what chemicals might be in our food and water. Gone would be the days of insecurity, where a single incident far-off could impact access to food, water, and electricity.

A new era of human development and prosperity would be born as humans liberate themselves from reliance upon things of which we have little to no control.

By strengthening our communities and connecting more thoroughly to one another and the land beneath our feet, we would become masters of our own destinies once again.

Those in Earth Nation have been working tirelessly for years to create a system which would facilitate such a major shift. Through a decentralized network of exchange with a new form of currency and governance Earth Nation hopes to create a way of life in which we don’t depend on those who have power over us but depend, instead, on one another as well as the Earth herself.

Earth Nation works by linking together self-sufficient communities such as ecovillages as well as cooperative businesses and alternative educational opportunities into a vast, integrated network. Through these networks, sovereign peoples are able to exchange resources and ideas with one another with no interceding government or corporation to get in the way.

In this way, we are far more capable of supporting one another as we transition from a lifestyle of co-dependence on corrupt corporations and governments to interdependence with the land and with one another.

This alternative network, separate from the old ways of colonialism and industry, is a true Earth Nation:  a global commons with no borders and no laws. It is a network of fully realized, fully liberated human beings with commitment to one another, the Earth, and our continued development as a species.

And you can be a part of it.

It is simple to become a part of the Earth Nation. Visit our website here to find out more about the mission, values, and how you can become a member. There are no fees or limitations to join the Earth Nation. All we require is your commitment and dedication to your own continued growth and to that of humanity.

It is time for us humans to liberate ourselves from the old limitations which have held us back for so long.

It may seem daunting, but we are human beings, ultimately bound by nothing beyond that of our own imaginations.

We can certainly create a better world for ourselves, our children, and future generations.
It can be done, but we must do it together.

It’s time to discover what we are truly capable of.

Join the Earth Nation

We invite you to become a member of the Earth Nation. Our members qualify for basic income, discounts on our products and services and access to our events and communities.

Please check your email for a response from us.