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by | Jul 5, 2017 |

Who are Activists?

Are you an Activist?

Are You A Change Maker?  Are You A Peace Seeker?  Are You A Evolutionary Revolutionist? Are You A Regenerationist? Are You A Dreamer?

If So, You Are An Activist!

Why would Activists want to unite with Earth Nation, built as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)?

Do you have a life long dream to be of service to Mother Earth?  Are you a teacher who thrives on relating to many who are hungry to learn about themselves through creative endeavors? Are you a Business owner or an Inventor, who have stellar ideas that need technical and design support  to flourish?

Earth Nation has courageous folks, just like you, who are choosing an outrageously mind blowing new road of manifestation. 

Be an Activist and expand your reality of the impossible becoming the possible. Write a Proposal to fund your campaign. Engage an ever growing pool of vastly talented service providers for the support you need.   

Earth Nation’s combined social/digital/economic/legal systems integrate with the current legal/economic/political systems as fully operable solutions that are available NOW!

Each of us, simply by choosing to unite with Earth Nation  are pioneering, creative  Activist.

by Deborah Clark


A New Form of Activism: Build a Better World

Fellow activists, I have for you an invitation to something new. Something exciting. Something that has the potential to completely transform our planet as we know it.

As an activist, you are no doubt aware of the perilous and unjust situation in which we find ourselves. Racists are climbing out of the woodwork; economic inequality continues to intensify; and ecological devastation marches on. All this whilst the people’s voices shout out in protest–a protest of the global trend that threatens the fabric of society and the very sanctity of life itself.

In this time, taking action is more important than ever, though it sometimes seems as though the power of the people has been completely stamped out by the powers of government, media, and corporations.

As an activist, these are the realities that you confront day by day. Unlike the majority of people who strive to shut out the chaotic noise of our times, you make every effort to tune in. You watch conscientiously as one egregious bill, decision, or event takes place after another. You march in the streets, demanding justice. You–and likely your allies–are the David taking on the Goliath of special interests, government corruption, and corporate exploitation.

For the efforts you make and the darkness you confront, you deserve the highest praise, honor, and gratitude. It is only for the actions of courageous people like you that the darkness of the world hasn’t devoured us all.

And yet, the devastation marches on. While impeded, the powers that be are undeterred by the actions of activists the world over. Despite our best efforts, the so-called “leaders” still seem to believe that they can bulldoze us along with the rest of the Earth in their futile attempt for total control.

It is time for us activists to engage in a new way. It is not enough to resist. We must forge a new path together. In the face of a society based on exploitation, destruction and death, we must create something new: a culture of community, protection and life.

I’d like to introduce you to the Earth Nation.

We in the Earth Nation envision and are working to create a new way of life on Earth.

Our mission is to create a global nation without borders, politicians and power inequalities. To that end, we have created a new form of currency to be used within the nation that can be exchanged among sovereign, self-sufficient communities.

Our goal is not to topple corrupt governments or to outcompete exploitative corporations, but to circumvent them completely. Not to destroy them, but to render them powerless.

Our belief is that by empowering individuals, communities and the people we will be able to create a world of justice and freedom.

We cannot create a just world by fighting what is wrong; instead it is up to us to create what is right.

Regardless of how we feel about companies such as Monsanto and Exxon Mobile, the reality is that most of us still depend on the products and services they provide. Even in our best efforts to protest their infrastructure such as pipelines or cargo trains, we are simultaneously supporting them by driving our cars to our gatherings and purchasing food at the grocery store.

As hard as we may try to make conscious choices regarding our consumption, we cannot deny the reality that the very structure of our society depends on fossil fuels, industrial monocropping and even war. This is not our fault, of course, but as members living within this society, we inevitably end up perpetuating it with acts even as simple as purchasing a T-shirt.

Thus, if we are truly going to fight injustice and deconstruct these harmful systems, we must liberate ourselves from them. Anyone who has tried to do this alone by, for example, refusing to purchase anything with plastic, knows this is very difficult indeed. These independent choices are certainly helpful steps in the right direction, but in order to fully liberate ourselves, we must do it together. It may be nearly impossible for an individual to meet all their needs of clothing, food, shelter and joy without in some way relying on the destructive systems of society, but with dedication and cooperation it can indeed be done.

The Earth Nation functions by empowering the communities doing just these types of things. Whether it is an ecovillage community working to gain full food independence or an educational cooperative looking to teach communities about the power of natural medicine, the Earth Nation is there to support.

The method of support is quite different than what we may be used to in the old paradigm. It is not up to us to send large sums of cash or other things. Rather, by bringing these groups into our network, we facilitate exchange among these projects throughout the world. In this way, knowledge, resources, skills and labor can be exchanged through the network.

This is a self-perpetuating process. As more individuals, communities and organizations join the Earth Nation, our pool of resources grows. Communities will flourish. Educational systems will find creative new ways to share their knowledge. Ecovillages and other self-sufficient communities will find less and less reliance on Monsanto, Big Pharma and fossil fuels to thrive.

As our energy and resources are channeled to supporting one another rather than to Big Government, extractive corporations and destructive industries, they will either shrivel or change. Due to the fundamentally unsustainable behaviors of these organizations, they have depended utterly on limitless economic growth and consolidation of resources to survive. They have survived primarily by feeding on us. Like the machines in The Matrix, they cannot survive without exploiting us and feeding off our energy. Therefore, we need not fight them in order to defeat them.  We simply unplug ourselves.

Despite the immense control and power of these multinational corporations, they are surprisingly fragile. It is not unprecedented for massive, seemingly indestructible companies to suddenly collapse

It is clear that many of the social, environmental and economic injustices of our time are resultant from big, profit-driven businesses. Therefore, by removing ourselves and allowing these swollen industries to collapse in on themselves, we put an end to many of the obstacles to social justice.

People have been removing themselves from reliance on these externalized systems for decades, but the Earth Nation provides a way for us to do this on a whole new scale. Being a part of the Earth Nation does not require payment, subservience or adherence to any new laws. All it requires is courage, commitment, and a belief that together we can create something new.

If enough of us liberate ourselves from the matrix of destruction, we will be surprised to see how rapidly and completely the world will transform.

Of course, it would be naive to think that things could change in an instant. The Earth Nation is still young, growing and learning while the Old Paradigm Systems of fear, control and manipulation are thoroughly entrenched and as big as ever.

Thus, I ask you to continue to do the activist work you’ve been doing: protesting, speaking out, rallying and resisting. While you do that, observe the work of the Earth Nation. Tell your friends and begin investing your time and energy into the creation of the New World.

It is only through the dual acts of resistance and creation that we–and future generations–will ever see a world that is just for us all.

And it’s going to take all the help we can get.

by Daniel Rosenberg

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