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by | Jul 5, 2017 |

We support our artists with whatever is needed to thrive while focusing on the creation of art.

Artists and creators of all kinds, we honor every piece of you… thank you for your beautiful reflection! We are calling eARTh crew, peace makers and lovers of all kinds, to unite and paint paradise on eARTh. Yesss to freedom of expression, to do what we love and love what we do! Yesss to sustainability and abundance!

We want to help You spread your medicine! It's time to let it go of fear and show the world why you came here! In our nation you are supported to be yourself and today that's the best you can do for us, be the gift! This is a portal for you to step into your divinity, to follow your bliss, to be art, it's time to listen to your nature and express it for all to see… simply be! Get our keys and enjoy a whole new world of epic opportunities.  Here we fund your art, education, creations, and organizations… bloom organically in harmony with the universe as a flower of life. We need more beautiful reflections out there, everywhere!

Do you feel a calling? Do you love ecovillages like us? Are you ready to be a star? Wish to see paradise on Earth? Wanna get founded? Do you want to be part of this piece of eARTh? Visit us at asc.ai/homecenter get our Keys and let's start!

Let me share with you my personal experience… I feel so much love from my EN family; I am getting funded; I feel joyful, inspired, expansive, and fully supported by our nation! Thank you family! We bloom everywhere we go! I see myself in you, Brothers!

We know how frustrating life can be, having to worry in regards to basic needs like water, rent, and food while at the same time keeping a clear mind to express our deepest creations to the fullest. Get off of that programming; let your sacral spin with us; allow your will power and higher consciousness be your only guidance; get in touch with our roots! No more slaving and abuse; don't violate and sell yourself for less; it's time to stand up for what we stand on!

We have thousands of acres of land access in different locations, and we are continuously expanding our sacred spaces. Go to our site to check out our communities today!

The key to abundance is sustainability, every project we take on is to maximize our sources, protect nature, and ensure that all of us will be eternally provided for.

Babylon is on fire; our people are unhappy at their jobs, enslaved with no time for family or self because of taxes, wars, stress, and so much disrespect for nature… Stay strong! Wake up and jump into this metamorphosis; changes are underway. Gaia is all we have to recharge and return to; we can't eat money! Just breathe… We are here. Let's hold hands and love the land!

Someone once said, “The creative adult is the child who survived.”  Our children and our planet need our creativity and sustainable mindset at the highest levels. Unleash and unify into a new flow of eARTh and raise abundance for all third eyes to see it!

To close this piece of mine I will share some wisdom, translations, and views of the word ART, which is inside of the word EartH, even in TERRA in my native language, Portuguese, plus others.  Also it begins with the letter “A,” which stands for “creator, primordial energy,” in many languages and is the first letter of many alphabets.

The same sound we screamed when we were born and first arrived here, Ahhhhh is primordial energy, and Ra is the energy of fire rrrrrrrrr! Have you ever heard the mantra:  ARA KARA! Be the miracle by being yourself, painting your art, manifesting, and bringing reality to light.  “Ar” means the element “Air” in many dialects. It comes from Latin.  Air, the food of the soul… We all share, breathe, heal, and grow beyond form, into a peaceful transformation! The T stands for God within, open arms, or no shame to simply BE and show I AM ART. What is right or wrong? What is ugly or beautiful? Simply different perspectives; they depend on each other in order to be.

There are so many ways to grow with us. Tune into our page and sign up for a change today!

Be ART Be You With Us Get Paid Feel Provided ALL Love @ asc.ai/homecenter  

Earth Nation Today Inspiration “In Spirit” DAO I AM

I am learning! I am another you! Peace, love, compassion and gratitude, it's what I got stirring inside! Namaste eu amo voce!  

by Daniela Magalhae


Earth Nation embodies a philosophy of awakening and awareness. With this comes a connection with one’s creative core, which yearns to express itself. We support and embrace all the unique gifts and talents of our fellow human beings, and we welcome you with open arms into our collective.

Many of us are artists, musicians, performers, or have some creative means of expression. Because of this, we know the importance of channeling one’s muse, or inner genius. We actively create living and work spaces designed to channel the flow state of creative energy.

The ecovillages that the Earth Nation are growing are ideal living environments for artists to get in touch with their muse. We embrace sustainable practices to co-exist with nature and make our world beautiful. We want everyone to be able to connect with the Earth that birthed us and be able to freely channel nature’s spirit.

We value beauty and want to add your unique flavor of inner magic to our growing collective of free-thinkers and unique characters. A full palette is needed to paint the spectrum of our colorful world. We mirror this by seeing your innate value as a person and how your artistic potential can be maximized in an ever-changing world.

There are many opportunities available through the Earth Nation. Our collective’s cryptocurrency, Equality Keys, provide a means of win-win solutions for those who have the same bright vision for the future as we do. Not only will our currency help support those who work to support us, but it is a means to free ourselves from the restrictive and short-sighted systems upheld by fiat currency.

by Greg Manning

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