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Basic Income

by | Jul 5, 2017 |

Why should a basic income advocate join the Earth Nation?

The Earth Nation has a basic income for its members

Over time The Earth Nation intends to create a universal basic income.

There is a reason why people like Mark Zuckerberg called on Harvard’s graduating class to “explore ideas like universal basic income. And other's like Elon Musk told a gathering of world leaders in Dubai that “some kind of universal basic income is going to be necessary,” and even President Obama spoke that universal basic income is a subject we’ll be debating “over the next 10 or 20 years.”

What do these people know that the rest of society will know very soon?

It is the simple fact that Automation is the death of the jobs as we know it.

Over a quarter of jobs are at risk of automation,
Most people in western nations work some type of service job that could easily be replaced by machines right now.

With Universal Income, we can ease the upcoming social unrest that automation will surely bring.
We do not need a tired and numb population that works eight hours a day just so they don't go homeless or starve.

This is true structural violence aimed against the lower classes and it is stressing the middle class to the point of exhaustion.

A universal income is not the answer but a crucial step we must take as a people.
We must free people to take risks and work on things they care about.
We have to free parents so they can spend time with their children.
We have to free neighbors to get to know their neighborhood.
Take a walk around a modern American city block it is mostly void of people.
With a universal basic income, people will have more leisure time to invest in beautifying their living spaces and communities.
As of now, there are very few public centers where people can just be people without paying for the privilege.

Not long ago we stopped thinking people are property, now we must stop thinking poverty is unfixable.

What is Basic Income and Why does it Matter?

by Daniel Rosenberg

Basic Income: it’s a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. With all the fuss about it you may be wondering: what exactly is it?

Essentially, Basic Income (also called Universal Basic Income or UBI) means that all citizens of a particular area receive a regular sum of money from the government or some other institution regardless of other incomes an individual may have.

Basically, it means that you, me, your dad, your mom, your cousin, and that annoying neighbor down the street would all receive an identical income each month for free. This income is designed to cover the expenses for life essentials like food, rent, and clothing.

While this idea may seem a bit out there, it has been gaining traction recently in the minds of people like Elon Musk. Some economists, as well, are voicing the benefits of such a practice. This is because Basic Income is much more than just a free lunch, it’s quite possibly one of the simplest paths to a more free society.

You see, Basic Income would provide all citizens with enough money to live a decent life. In an instant, poverty would be eradicated. People living solely off Basic Income would certainly not live lavish lifestyles, but that’s not the point. The point is that even the least of us would no longer live with the unceasing fear of poverty and the associated risks of hunger, homelessness, illness, and death.

How many people do you know that are working jobs they hate because they are afraid of what might happen if they didn’t? How many people would love to passionately work on a project but hold themselves back for fear that it wouldn’t pay? How often do you feel stressed about finances for realization that it’s necessary for you to survive?

The fear associated with poverty is pervasive, though hardly acknowledged. The truth is that this fear holds countless people back. It prevents people from pursuing projects, passions, and engaging in humanitarian work. After all- it’s hard to focus on these things when you’re always concerned about putting food on the table.

Basic Income would eradicate that fear for everyone. Suddenly- people would be completely free to start writing that book they’ve been thinking about, or start that business, or finally create that nonprofit. There’s no telling what might emerge from humanity when the fear of failure loses its potency.

People often worry that Basic Income would remove people’s motivations to work- but that is not likely the case. After all, people’s reasons to work are diverse- extending far beyond mere survival. People work to to create something, they work to learn something, they work to help their community. Unfortunately, these intrinsic motivations are generally obscured by the extrinsic motivation of money. With this motivation reduced, the others could flourish.

Not only that, but Basic Income is just that: basic. With it you would certainly have enough to find a cheap apartment and eat each week- but not much more. If you want to go out to eat frequently, buy that nice new TV, or travel to France- chances are- you’ll need to work. Even if people have their basic needs met, they’ll likely feel motivated to work anyways to afford the other things they like.

The challenge- as well as the revolutionary power- of Basic Income is that it forces us to confront our own assumptions as a society. Most specifically, the idea that we must “earn a living.”

The United States Declaration of Independence lists Life as the first of our unalienable rights. Unfortunately, the belief in that hasn’t translated from the page to the hearts and minds of the people or the structure of our society.

In the United States and throughout the world Life is not a right, but a privilege. A right is guaranteed, while a privilege must be earned. Beyond a person's childhood years, people must work to survive. With a few fortunate exceptions, a person must work to make money to afford food, shelter, and water. In a world with an overabundance of food, no one would die of hunger if we truly believed Life is a right.

Therefor, Basic Income requires a deep transformation of one of our most deeply rooted and most limiting of societal beliefs: that life is not a gift, but a privilege.

So what is Basic Income- really? It’s a transformation of our economics. It’s a transformation of our culture. It’s a transformation of the very definition of what it is to be human.

With this one single change we could eradicate poverty, liberate ourselves from collective fear, and allow the most noble of human motivations and ambitions to flourish unimpeded. We all have unique gifts to share with the world, the problem is that so few of us do. However, Basic Income could allow us to unleash our human ingenuity and creativity in a way never seen before.

There’s no telling what a world with Basic Income would look like- but one can only imagine that we would see a whole new era of growth and development. And unlike in the past, this would be development based not upon fear, but passion.

If you’re interested in Basic Income and aren’t content to let the politicians and economists take their time to come around to such a radical and progressive idea, then feel free to join the Earth Nation. We are working together to make Basic Income a reality.

We don’t believe that we have to wait for Basic Income- we believe we can create it now. If you believe that too and are interested in joining the effort to do so, explore our website and find out how to become involved.

Together we can make Basic Income a reality for all. As you explore our website, consider what Basic Income would mean for you by pondering this single question:
What would you do to if money was no issue?

Join us and we’ll make that dream a reality.

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