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by | Jun 26, 2017 |

Business owners approved by the Keys Collective are awarded a lump sum of keys up to 100k. In exchange for these keys we ask for products or vouchers for services from the businesses we sponsor.

Each business we sponsor is required to accept keys for payment. In some cases, the cost of the product/service can be paid in cash while the “profit” is paid in keys.

Keys awarded to Business owners are most often used for advertising, business coaches and digital freelancers.

How Earth Nation partners with Cooperative Businesses

by Teahna Kaiee

Earth Nation is all about partnering with Cooperative Businesses.

What does that look like you ask?  It looks like a win-win-win situation for all.

At first glance it may be hard to believe but Earth Nation WANTS to help you evolve and grow your business through a number of resources.  

If you own a business and agree to accept Equality Keys as an alternative currency, we can place you in our directory of Consultants, Freelancers or Conscious Products depending on what you are offering.  

But, wait, there is more.  

If your business wants to build an ongoing relationship and can integrate with Earth Nation, you can become a vote holder and have the ability to propose to us how you'd like to evolve your business, how it will benefit the people and Mother Earth and what it is you need to further your vision.  Your proposal is then voted on by the vote holders in our DAO, including you, and you can be funded anywhere from 5000 to 100,000 Equality Keys to use in our expanding worldwide network.  

Our network contains resources to benefit you and your business!  

Our directory contains a multitude of specialty services; new paradigm business consulting, financial and loan consultants, website development, SEO management, graphic design, marketing and promotion throughout our network.  Each day our range of suppliers grows allowing for more choice on how to spend your Keys.  

Our pledge to you is aligned loving support to help you help humanity and participate in restoring Mother Earth through your product and service.  Our marketing teams and Ambassadors take great pride in promoting your conscious product or service in return for affiliate sales commissions.  We also invite you to pay it forward and regenerate our collective pool with your abundance to assist the funding of the next business. We all win with this model.

The above is the simplest way to work with us if you are a business owner.  However, we are open to new ideas, flexible situations and big dreams. Earth Nation Coordinators and Ambassadors are there to work with you and your vision upholding it in the highest vibration and grounding it into manifestation so that we all rise into a more abundant, harmonious way of life.

Join the Earth Nation

We invite you to become a member of the Earth Nation. Our members qualify for basic income, discounts on our products and services and access to our events and communities.

Please check your email for a response from us.