What is the Earth Nation?

The Earth Nation is an international movement of people choosing new and better methods of networking, governance and resource distribution that fairly distribute power, resources, and information in a way that benefits all of our people, regardless of color, class, or creed.

The purpose of the Earth Nation is to empower people with the tools and resources required to literally live their dreams. To assist anyone who wants our help to find, connect to, create and join sustainable and co-governed communities. To spread international awareness of all the good things happening in the world.

We are building a digitized international resource based trade economy through Equality Keys and the world’s first decentralized resource pool with high returns designed to fund positive change businesses that are some solving many of humanities worst problems.

This page is our homecenter. An engagement portal for our members to experience our media and culture, to trade products, services, resouces, and land access, and to learn more about the new paradigm.










How can I help?

Following are the Earth Nations Engagement Points for new and existing members.

-Visit, experience, and join new paradigm events, workshops, and communities through the locations tab.

-Get financed up to 150,000 to make your dreams a reality. 

-Invest into highly profitable green business businesses solving mass scale systemic problems that give 50%+ annual returns through http://EarthCycle.io

-Invest into a digitized international resource based trade economy called Equality Keys. Details in the Keys Center of the homecenter.

-Spread the word for commission. Use the EarthCycle affiliate program. Earth Nation affiliate program coming soon.

-Purchase or offer freelancer services and homemade goods for Equality Keys through the freelancer services tab of the homecenter.

-Purchase or offer professional agency services for Equality Keys through the agency section of the homecenter in the services tab.

-Spend Equality Keys to become a shared owner in an ever-growing network of intentional, co-governed, sustainable communities currently including 8 living communities spanning 1500 acres with more than 10000 additional acres available.

-Add your land or building to the EN Network to gain access to a wide spectrum of business, cultural, legal, and land development services.

-Purchase products with Equality Keys in the Earth Nation Marketplace

-Add your products to the Earth Nation Marketplace and receive additional customers. All products in the EN marketplace must accept 50% payment in Equality Keys

-Become a Voteholder in the Earth Nation, gain a vote in how the EN distributes our collectively pooled resources, time, land, and assets. Voteholders must donate 1000 Equality Keys or $3500 US to become a lifetime Voteholder.

-Become a sovereign citizen through adoption into the Sioux tribe. Gain the authority to hold plant-based medicine ceremonies and gain additional freedoms and protections against unethical regulations and corrupt law enforcement. (Voteholders only).

Use the help button on the bottom right if you have any questions.





How to Buy/Trade/Send Equality Keys

  1. Purchase your initial bitcoin cryptocurrency through one of the following
    Coinbase. Best Rate. Requires ID Verification. Accepts credit/debit/paypal.
    Changelly. Accepts Credit/Debit.
    Localbitcoins. Accepts credit/bank wire/paypal/gift card.
  2. Go to Wavesplatform and make an account in the online wallet.
  3. Access your own Waves Address by clicking on your profile image on the top left.
  4. Fill your account with some Waves. Use Shiftex to instantly transfer a cryptocurrency into waves.
  5. Trade for Equality Keys via the Waves Decentralized Exchange. Click on a link below to trade with cryptocurrency.
                                                                           Bitcoin to Equality Keys
                                                                         EarthCycle to Equality Keys
                                                                            Waves to Equality Keys
    Ethereum to Equality Keys
  6. In your Waves wallet, go to your portfolio. Find your Equality Keys Asset. Click on the options tab on the right side of the screen, next to the Equality Keys Title, then click send. Enter in the Waves Address you’d like to send Equality Keys to.


Become an Earth Nation Voteholder

Are you ready to join an international alliance of empowered world-changers that are shifting the paradigm towards a better world for all humankind?

EN Voteholders benefit from the following perks
-The right to a vote in the distribution of the EN’s collective wealth stewardship pool, consisting of hundreds of millions of USD in land, tools, business and crypto-assets.
-Access to 15,000 acres of land on 4 continents for the purpose of building housing and community, hosting events, businesses, and developing resources.
-Access to the EN’s suggested investment portfolio
-Connections to leaders of 30+ world-changing organizations.
-Rights as a UN Recognized Tribal Sovereign Citizen.
-Right to a shared seat on the United Nations.
-Support from specialists regarding all manner of land, business, legal and technology development.
-Access to up to 250,000 USD in start-up capital for investment into new paradigm projects (Citizens of countries in North America, Europe, and Australia only)
-Access to visit and reside in an ever-growing network of sustainable/intentional/co-governed communities across the world.

As much as we want to directly help every human on planet earth, we have found that people suffering from extreme poverty and homelessness are incapable of co-creation without creating great disturbance.

To avoid such disturbances, we require all EN Voteholder to donate $3500 USD equivalent or to acquire and donate 1000 Equality Keys to prove that you are a person of abundance and giving.

Use the “Help” button on the bottom right and send us an email with “Voteholder” in the subject title to get started.

Click on the button below to view the Earth Nation’s voting group.

Services – Via Simbi

The Earth Nation uses Simbi as the platform to exchange services and home-made goods.

To start trading services, first, click the “Sign up” button below.
To join the Earth Nation group click the “Earth Nation Group” button below.

Users that acquire 5000 Simbi by providing services in the Earth Nation group may donate their Simbi to become an Earth Nation Voteholder.

Earth Nation Voteholders may trade Equality Keys and Simbi Freely. Click on the “Trade Simbi” button below for further instructions.


Agency Services

Our Earth Nation Agency services are highly vetted and insured. If you don’t get exactly what you ordered, the EN reserve will reimburse you. All listed services are available internationally. Click on the name of a service to learn more and purchase service.

Use the help button on the bottom right to apply to have your services listed. All listed services must be exchanged for Equality Keys.

Earth Nation Locations

The Earth Nation has stewardship of 15,000 acres of land on 4 continents. We are growing 14 intentional communities on our properties with room for many, many more people and communities.

Explore the map above for details on each location. All EN communities accept Equality Keys for events, products, services, rent, or buy-in for shared ownership. EN Communities are moving towards beyond sustainability, are co-governed, co-owned, are open to visitors and volunteers, and require a community consensus to accept new residents. If you are interested in living in an EN Community, come give the community you are most interested in a visit first.

Use the help button on the bottom right to inquire about adding your community to the Earth Nation Network. Communities in our network benefit from a vast array of services, including legal support, financial assistance, land development, business development, advertising, and consultations regarding governance, cultural, and economic policies.