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by | Jun 26, 2017 |

We are constantly building and growing infrastructure and food forests for our citizens on our properties in California, Oregon, Ecuador and soon Brazil. We have started a dozen cooperative business franchises that have provided for and employed hundreds of new paradigm activists.

In the next 3 rounds of funding we intend to start a model for a healing community that focuses on providing free healing/therapy/reintegration training for at need populations who want to join our community network. We intend to issue cars/rvs/living vehicles to all of our active members, in addition to having extra spaces to house our traveling members available at all of our ecosites.

We support water charity, which is the worlds most effective nonprofit at saving lives.

Eventually, i personally intend to organize crews of humanitarian relief agents along with military security forces to go into some of the most dangerous places in the world and offer help to all who want it.

-Dakota Kaiser

Why Should Humanitarians join Earth Nation?

by Greg Manning

Ever since I was young, I’ve felt a natural urge to help people. I’ve come to attribute this to my empathic nature: it’s difficult for me to separate other people’s experiences from my own. I can feel their happiness, just as I share their suffering. This has given me insight that so many people are blind to. We are literally one being, and my prosperity–just as yours and anyone else’s–is wholly dependant on our collective. To help another is to help yourself, just as caring for the Earth will result in the Earth caring for you. Growth is what defies entropy and love is what promotes growth.

Thus, I proudly wear the label of being a humanitarian. Perhaps you wear this label as a badge of honor as I do. If so, I am proud to call you my brothers or sisters as we stand united as one tribe. Together, we can do so much with our hands working in tandem than we ever could on our own. I often say that love is a verb and, following this logic, a group of humanitarians working as one can be a far greater beacon of love than any of us could be as fragmented networks acting independently of one another.

This is the underlying philosophy of the Earth Nation. We all share the same desire deep down: the overwhelming urge to do good and help each other and our world walk towards a brighter future. The problem of unification has always been the barriers dividing us. The desire to come together has always been there but physical, cultural and economic obstacles  have always prevented a singular collective from forming on our green and blue home among the stars.

Now, things are changing. The Awakening Sovereignty Collective is leading the charge in taking advantage of the advents of modern technology to create a radically novel organizational structure. Decentralized, our network allows for resources, including people like you and me, to find the place they are needed most. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the potential of our species skyrockets. We hope to manifest this potential to correct the existing problems of the world and usher in a golden age of humanity.

This is the real deal. If you’ve ever had an urge to get in on something incredible at the ground level, this is your opportunity! We’ve been funded with over 50 million dollars and have several profitable ventures sprouting as we speak. From this, we have a sustainable economy thriving across our network of like-minded, peace-loving individuals. We can provide you with a living wage, free housing and fulfilling work that helps humanity enter a prosperous new age as one.

We have a variety of autonomous projects underway and many more popping up all the time. We have a major focus on creating sustainability and promoting the permaculture that humanity is rooted in. In conjunction with this, we are taking the initiative to break free from pharmaceutical control of medicine by growing and producing as many of our own natural alternatives as possible. With this, we are also cultivating traditional shamanic spiritual practices to help heal the wounded souls of the Earth, and help teach those seeking deeper understanding of the human nature.

On a more technical level, we are growing something truly marvelous. What allows for our decentralized network to function so well is our creation of Sovereign Keys; a cryptocurrency which is designed to support the eco-communities that are the backbone of our support structure. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, which have their value primarily held and backed by the tech industry, the value of Keys is backed by the sustainable living systems we create. By helping an eco-community grow its own healthy food and provide itself with clean water, you help secure the value of Keys.

Additionally, Keys act as a key part of our democratic governing system. Keys are distributed by collective consensus. This means that our collective wealth is ensured to be put to the places it is needed most. The days of the Military Industrial Complex running the show and the bank-sponsored corruption, embezzlement, and limits of fiat currency are numbered. Our united efforts will vanquish the greed that plagues humanity, preventing us from reaching our full potential. One of the core groups that are receiving our currency are humanitarian organizations providing for populations of great need.

We believe every life is sacred, and should be nurtured and cared for. As a result, we believe basic income is a necessity to raise the lowest among us. Unlike the conventional economy, our economic system is designed to take care of the majority. Basic necessities like food, water, and medicine should not be money-locked commodities to exploit the poor for everything they have. Our eco-communities and businesses create perpetual systems of exchange that meet the needs and desires of all those involved.

Do you have an idea for a project? I know I always have ideas bouncing around in the back of my head. This is the place to actualize those plans into action. Perhaps you already have a business, a nonprofit, or another organization working towards similar goals? Not only are these not problems, the way our collective is organized allows for other organizations to be plugged in at will. We can do more good accomplishing so much more working together in our common goals. Our Team network allows individual tasks to be spread across a much wider audience of capable members.

Itching to jump in the mix but not sure how you can help? We have an abundance of work that needs to be done across all disciplines. From writing articles and making videos, to sales and brand ambassadorship, to even coding and administrative duties. As our multifaceted projects continue to evolve, more and more jobs will open up, meaning there is an ever-growing fountain of opportunities to put your specialties to a good cause. We genuinely care about your development, and want to see you reach your full, self-actualized potential. We know what it feels like to be the most you can be and see the effects from one’s good deeds. Our decentralized network structure allows for you to develop according to your strengths and personal desires.

Being a humanitarian means working for a brighter future, and with that naturally comes growing and educating the youth of today. With organizations such as Khan Academy partnering with ours, home-schooling and unschooling become viable alternatives to complete reliance on public schools. The Prussian school system the current education paradigm is modeled after was designed to make obedient boy-soldiers. It’s been repurposed to make a reliable working class and cannon fodder across the twentieth century, and remains wholly archaic; a relic of our dysfunctional past. As humanity moves forward, we need to match our actions with our intentions. If we intend to raise a new generation of awakened, critical thinkers, they must be raised in an environment which promotes these qualities within them. Our eco-communities not only give our children an escape from restrictive forms of development, they naturally give them exposure to sustainable lifestyles and a peace-oriented culture.

Speaking of education, do you want to learn more about the Awakening Sovereignty Collective, Sovereign Keys, or what you can do to be a part of the global peaceful revolution? Check out our academy page for in-depth tutorials of the key aspects of our organization and how to get started with your new way of facilitating love across the world and web.

We are a family. I really mean that. Many of us may be separated by an entire hemisphere but distance is a worry of the past. Technology and our willingness to step outside of the box have shattered the restrictive boundaries that have prevented true unity. We are one tribe, united by the most human of bonds: love. Our network welcomes you, and every other squishy ape creature with a good heart, into our open arms. We may be facing difficult odds as a sick culture finally gives way, leaving its mess to be dealt with, but united as one we are invincible. I hope you join us, fellow humanitarian, because none of us are getting out of this alone.


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