Land Owners

by | Jun 25, 2017 |

Land owners approved by the Keys Collective are awarded a lump sum of keys up to 100k. In exchange for these keys we ask for vouchers to live on site/use the land for business operations/attend workshops/events on that land.

Each land we sponsor is required to accept keys for payment for living there and attending experiences.

Keys awarded to land owners are most often used to purchase permaculture/construction/agricultural land development services.

Anyone who owns, stewards or works the land knows of its crucial place for so many forms of life, including human life. ASC is a key source for land and building workers of all kinds. Our people are committed to constant improvement, both of themselves and to the places they work in and as a land-owner you can be assured of the highest standards of results from very responsible people.

The Awakening Sovereign Collective (ASC) has over 10 years experience working with landowners on several continents. We have the focused dedicated help of hundreds of builders/growers/engineers/technicians of all kinds and tens of thousands of virtual assistants. We have worked and supplied workers to all kinds of eco-villages, intentional communities and are fully experienced in permaculture principles and techniques.

In these challenging times it is so important to have partners and co-workers who can be relied upon to care fully about the work they do and the effects of that on our Biosphere, after all, we only have one planet to live on. ASC is your partner and co-creator in bringing the best from your land in regenerative and improving ways.

Join our movement today by adding your land to our growing worldwide acreage, together we will usher in the real new world order, which our biosphere so desperately needs