by | Jun 25, 2017 |

Greeting Lightworkers, The Earth Nation bows to you. Your presence, passion, and purpose is honored and respected here. Thank you for choosing to enact your genius at this transformational, often challenging and exciting time. You are seen for consciously choosing the light of love, working towards planetary joy, peace and harmony, and giving your gifts of healing, channeling, presence, ritual, magic towards our collective ascension. Your sensitivity, big feelings, intuition, and heart-led action is deeply needed in this time.

We are a planetary network purposed to support you in your bliss, mutually serving our highest path. Many of you have come with a perspective beyond money. Others have a difficult time receiving financial support for your gifts, or asking for what you need. Others yet are on a path of prosperous fulfillment. Are you embodying your truest essence, sharing your gifts, and have all you need to thrive as the embodiment of Love?

We invite you to join our Keys collective and add your gifts, service and business to our directory. When you share your work with clients and receive Keys, you instantly receive access to what you need – be it a community, mentorship, resources, land, or funds. Being apart of the Keys directory gives you the opportunity to co-create with like-minded tribe, and amplifies your exposure globally so all that you offer is received and all that you desire is more easily manifest. If you are carrying the blueprints for a humanitarian project, we encourage you to create a proposal to ask for sponsorship by the Keys collective.

When you participate in the ASC as a ambassador, you have access to basic income. This allows you to give your gifts freely and still have your basic needs met. Are you desiring to serve the ASC internationally in like-minded community and access clients that need your healing services? We are steadily gaining more access to land and activating community all over the world, and are activating our basic income program.

One powerful way to support the collective is to share articles and art – like this one – with your community and network to promote Sovereign Keys on social media. Visit the social media sharing academy to learn how to be a promoter and receive keys for broadcasting articles.

Whether you’re on the path towards healing a room of 10,000 people or simply give the gift of light wherever you are, the Keys collective is both honored and happy to receive your genius, help support your highest fulfillment and see that you are thriving and radiating your light, blessing the world with your presence. With every breath, we tender our family towards more Love, and away from fear.

We invite you to activate your gifts in our global collective revolution beyond military/corporate currency and walk the talk by embodying and participating in the Sovereign Keys collective. Welcome family.

We believe in practicing group Spiritual Meditation to create a mass Spiritual Awakening.