by | Jun 25, 2017 |

Starseeds have come for a special mission, and have remembered their infinite divine nature. Born to transcend limiting fear based paradigms and herald in a prophetic time of Love and harmony. Sovereign Keys, born of starseeds, are an antidote to the separation and fear based consciousness that plagues much of our human family. Have you felt alone in your mission? Have you been challenged by the world you are apart of? Do you wish you were reflected by others like you to co-create your mission? Do you feel yourself beyond the current infrastructure and planetary systems? You have found your tribe and family.

I am Lila Star, the visionary of Starseed Academy, and it is my joy to guide and witness the activation of brilliant starseeds of all ages to activate and realize their missions on planet Earth, now. Sovereign Keys provide a unifying weave for all of our gifts, and free us from an authoritative paradigm that we never resonated with. With Keys, your visions and dreams are honored and supported. We encourage you to present project proposals to get access to all that you need to thrive, be it like-minded community, land, resource, or funds. With Keys, you are seen and respected for your unique gifts, and have access to basic income to fulfill your mission in a good way.

All starseeds are artists and creators, expressed in a myriad of forms. Sovereign keys provide many outlets for your exploration and participation. Search our services directory to align with co-creators, and exchange Keys rather than military-corporate fiat currency. Here for sovereignty and freedom? Choose to activate with us, and become a vote holder in our DAO, (decentralized autonomous organization). Share your creative gifts and promote empowering media, create content, write articles, or create art and music that supports the movement.

You’ll find our community to be rooted in Love, impassioned and activated. Our collective energy exponentially amplifies as we join forces. This is unity consciousness at work and play. Attune with our social architecture, and find yourself in the sandbox of your dreams. Many of you already know – this – was just what is happening, and others are focused on essential parts of the greater system to “key” in at just the right time. That time is now. If you have found us, you are aligned in divine will, and have an important message and gift to share with this collective and humanity.

If you are a seasoned starseed, or a faclilitator of starseed transmission and practices, please contact Lila Star to be employed by Starseed Academy for Keys. If you are a newer starseed, and desire to cultivate your personal power and gifts, please bring your queries and needs, so we may support the realization of your highest potential here and now. Join our General FB chat, or Slack to be most involved, or choose to get right in there and be a member of our growing directory of the most ethical, loving, and regenerative service providers and products on the planet – all contributing to Global health and abundance for all. TY for being here.

Some kinds of Starseeds are Arcturian Starseeds and Pleiadian Starseeds.

In Love and unconditional service, Lila Star.